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    Toolbars keep coming back

    Sam Logan

      I often hit the M key to hide and show the Command manager.  When it gets hidden, the assembly and sketch toolbars get displayed.  I hide them (either by hitting the red X or going to customize) and they stay hidden until I hide the Command manager again and they appear again.  Is there a way to keep them hidden?

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          Kevin Chandler



          It also applies to part and drawings, but with their respective toolbars.

          I think the thinking is that the toolbar workflow replaces the Command Manager workflow when you toggle.


          I didn't find a setting for disabling this (it could be there), so if you wish you can submit an Enhancement Request (ER).

          Review the attachment in Mr. Banta's original post to see how to submit one: SolidWorks Enhancement Requests

          Don't create a reply in Mr. Banta's post. This will not get your ER into the spotlight.

          Also, be sure to search for your issue first to see if it's already in the queue.





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              Jim Wilkinson

              Kevin Chandler wrote:


              I think the thinking is that the toolbar workflow replaces the Command Manager workflow when you toggle.



              Yes, Kevin is correct in what the behavior was intended to do. this was originally implemented way back when the CommandManager was first implemented in SOLIDWORKS 2004. If the user turned off the CommandManager, then it would take the standalone toolbars that are "equivalent" to the tabs that are on the CommandManager tabs, and turn them on instead. The result would be that the when the CommandManager was turned off, it would have the toolbars setup like in SOLIDWORKS 2003 and previous versions, making for an easy way to get to the old setup for those users that did not want to use the CommandManager.


              Over the years, it looks like bugs have crept into the functionality so it doesn't work well across the multiple document types and of course it interferes with the workflow of wanting to just temporarily hide the CommandManager and then show it again. The original intent of showing the toolbars has almost no value now that it is 15 releases later.


              So, we have taken out the behavior starting with SOLIDWORKS 2019 Beta3.