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    How to get the usergroup from logged-in user?

    Mario Zahren

      Hello all,

      Im looking for an easy way to get the usergroup(s) from the logged-in user.

      Thats the way I can get the user who is logged-in right now.


      IEdmUserMgr5 UserMgr = default(IEdmUserMgr5);
      UserMgr = (IEdmUserMgr5)vault;
      string Groups = "";
      IEdmPos5 UserGroupPos = default(IEdmPos5);
      UserGroupPos = UserMgr.GetFirstUserGroupPosition();
      IEdmUser5 loggedInUser = default(IEdmUser5);
      loggedInUser = UserMgr.GetLoggedInUser();


      But how to get the Name(s) of the usergroup who he is a mebmer of?

      Any help would be appreciated


      Cheers Mario