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Unwanted Split Surface in Exported STEP/IGS File

Question asked by Alan Perrault on Apr 23, 2018

I have a simple, single revolve part I am trying to import into ANSYS for a CFD simulation.  The geometry is revolved 1 degree midplane.  I've attached a picture of the sketch section.  I can create the geometry in Solidworks and everything looks correct.  When I import the file into ANSYS, the face created closest to the axis of revolution is split at the midplane.  The face is not split in the original Solidworks file and reimporting the exported file shows a single surface as well.  None of the other surfaces that the midplane passes through are split.  I've tried both IGS and STEP files and playing the various output settings, but nothing will produce a file that will import with a single surface on that face. I've also tried merging the surface within ANSYS, but ANSYS will crash when I try to do that.


It has to be a problem with how Solidworks is exporting the geometry, but I am out of ideas on what I can change.  Any suggestions?