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Solidwork 2018 GPU issue

Question asked by James Moss on Apr 23, 2018

Hello everyone,


I'm wondering if someone could assist with an issue regarding my GPU. I use Solidworks with my Quadro P2000, I have an additional graphics card for rendering. The cards are all working as they should be. My display is plugged in to the P2000, When rendering I can use Photoshop, Illustrator with no problem, as they use the P2000, whilst I'm rendering on my 1080ti.


The problem is Solidworks wont use the P2000, instead preferring the 1080ti, even though it's not linked to my display! I've changed 3d settings in Nvidia control panal to only use the P2000 but that doesn't do anything


I have modified quadro driver 391.33 to allow me to use the 1080ti. I tried with Geforce drivers but the issue is the same. I've even swapped the cards pcie slot. So I'm wondering if there is a way to get Solidworks to use the graphics card my display is plugged into?


Any ideas how I can solve this?


Many thanks