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Unconfigure sketch dimensions in assembly dosent work

Question asked by David M. on Apr 23, 2018
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I have top level assembly that contain sketch wich is referenced by parts that are 2nd level children of that assy

The sketch dimensions are edited by design table. (copy/paste from Excel file Im using for my design)

The assembly contain several configurations that were driven by the design table.

I'm no longer want that the sketch dimensions will vary b/w configurations, only suppres several components

I tried to press the 'Unconfigure' button in the 'Modify Configurations' dialog box and the sketch dimensions did not change back to the default (it was the active config while pressing the 'Unconfigure' button).

Now, when I edit the dimensions in design table(contains only the default config), it dosen't update the dimensions in the other configs

Can it be done w/o adding the other configurations to the design table and set them to the same value?