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How do I line up two sketches on perpendicular planes at a specific point

Question asked by Anthony Johnson on Apr 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Roland Schwarz

I am learning to model cars and I'm trying to line up my orthographic sketches (basically just a sketch for each view of the car, Ex. Top, Side, Front, Back). The sketches I have are already made, I created them in a 2d draft. Currently the furthest I have gotten is pasting the two drawings on separate perpendicular planes, but I cannot find a way to get them to line up. For the top view I have a horizontal line (basically like an axle) which runs through the center of the front wheels and has a mid point at the middle of the car. For the side view I have a line which goes from the center of the front wheel to the bottom. I need to align these two sketches so that the endpoint of the line on the side view sketch is the same point as the midpoint of the line in the top view sketch.

**Disclaimer: I created the sketches in solidedge because it was just easier, I'd rather not redraw them but it it will fix the problem then I will. Just incase there is some kind of a compatibility problem, but I doubt there would be since they both accept .dxf files. Also, why are these lines so thick? Is it because I imported it as a dxf from a different program?


I'm guessing that this is possible and that I'm just missing something, but honestly in autodesk inventor this is much more simple. I'm trying to stick to SolidWorks for this project since the Formula SAE team I'm on uses solidworks and I was told "get use to it", but solidworks just lacks any sense of intuitiveness.