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A Good Headlight Glass Sample Or Tutorial.......

Question asked by Dave Bear on Apr 23, 2018
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Hi Folks,


I've spent quite some time working on the headlight glass for my truck only to find that it's becoming a real resource sucker (patterns). So, I went looking around the internet for a quality 3D model of a round domed headlight with patterned glass, why re-invent the wheel right? No joy! I need something about 175mm in Diameter (approx. 7"). I couldn't find any suppliers that offered CAD models either.

     So then I thought I'd look for any good clear tutorials. There are a few around but you have to pay for them which I'm not prepared to do considering they were created through other programs anyhow which used slightly different functions.


McMaster-Carr have actually have automotive headlights BUT they do not have the downloadable option attached to them which is a pity.


Does anybody know of either a supplier or site where I can get a good model or know of a site with a decent tutorial that's not a real sucker of resources.


Any help appreciated.




*** Edited *** Added the fact it is (or needs to be) domed.


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