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crash and deleted assembly

Question asked by Chris Pellegrino on Apr 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Chris Pellegrino

Has anyone ever had SolidWorks start acting up and then crash, and then BAM, your assembly file on the disk is gone?


I was working on an assembly that was last saved in SWX 2016; now I'm on SWX 2018. My wireless mouse started acting up like it the battery was bad or something, then I couldn't save a file because SolidWorks claimed it had in context features and I needed to Save As (no in context features), then I tried to save the assembly and it crashed. After restarting SolidWorks, my assembly is completely gone!


Every day this software feels more and more like a toy than a professional piece of software. Yes, I know Windows is part of the problem, but seriously, this is ridiculous.