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failed to obtain license for solidworks pdm standard

Question asked by Brian B. on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Paul Wyndham

We are having some problems accessing PDM Standard when multiple user try to log on.

Earlier today I added a second PDM Standard license to our license manager and all looked good when we logged on to the second computer.

However, when I tried to log into PDM from my machine, I got the "failed to obtain license for solidworks pdm standard. Cannot connect to license server system" error.

Even though I was connected to it about 10 minutes prior.

Both PDM licenses were activated but it still seems like we both can't use PDM at the same time.

Again, each computer has accessed PDM and performed fine UNTIL the other machine tries to log on.

So I am not sure what would be the cause of the problem, our server OR a PDM licensing issue.

Has anyone else seen this problem before?