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trying to get code to skip if value of text box is not filled out?

Question asked by Michael Flanders on Apr 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by Michael Flanders

Hey guys, Is there a way to get my macro to skip over a text box field if the value hasn't been input. I have a cutting tool building macro that i'm working on with a lot of help from these forums. These parts have up to 8 stepped down diameters and I have them driven by a sketch. I have the macro delete every independent step feature except the number that I tell it to leave. What happens is when it runs through and deletes the steps that are driven by the sketch it is still looking for a value to be given in my form for the remaining step numbers in that sketch. I would like it if left blank it skips over that dimension and leaves the value as isskip over.JPGskip over.JPG