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How to get mass properties (volume) of a single feature in the feature tree?

Question asked by Victor Carosi on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Victor Carosi

Hi all,


Trying to measure the internal volume of a casing here (non-standard geometry, can't just get a surface area and multiply by height). So in the casing part, I book-ended the area I wanted with planes, then used the intersection tool to fill the volume. It worked great. Now, how on earth do I get SolidWorks to give me the mass properties of just the intersection? Selecting the intersection on the feature tree then clicking mass properties refuses to work, it only gives me the properties of the entire part, I cannot seem to make it select only the intersection. This has been driving me absolutely insane, as the SolidWorks help page says to do exactly this but it doesn't work.


Any help is appreciated.