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Problems printing or exporting line drawings from eDrawings

Question asked by Terri VandeVegte on Feb 16, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2009 by Terri VandeVegte
I am a graphic artist who does instruction sheets for our products, and the eDrawings viewer had initially been working fairly well for manipulating a model and exporting several line-drawing views of the Solidworks models our engineers export for me. However, on the last several models I've worked with, when I either print them out or export them as PDF for editing as vector art in Illustrator, I end up with almost unusable results. About 40-50% of the components in every model appear to be transparent (wireframe) on the printout or PDF, even though all components look solid on the screen. 3 questions:

How can I print ALL components with hidden lines removed? It takes forever to select and delete them all in Illustrator.

Components such as springs will show only one or two of the "spirals" as solid lines, and the rest is of them are just dots

Also, is there any way to turn off tangent lines in eDrawings?

Is there any way to export a hi-res TIF from eDrawings WITHOUT the shading? Even if I have shading turned off in eDrawings, any raster image (JPG, BMP, TIF) that I try to export comes out with all the shading, but all I want is a solid looking line drawing of the assembly.

Any suggestions??