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Change name only in component's general properties?

Question asked by Madson Germano on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Madson Germano

Good morning, everyone


I'm writing a macro to take an Excel list of machines and then:

1-Add the machine to my assembly,

2-Make the machine a virtual component,

3-Rename that component to a unique name, but only in the assembly's general properties for that component (like below). THIS is where I' ve got stuck.


In this case, "TestName2^Alvenaria01" would become, let's say, "T001"...


The main goal is to simplify the selection of some reference points inside the component, without the need to add the  ^Alvenaria01  part to the code (and also it would looks cleaner in design tree). But any workarounds would also be appreciated.



ps.: I've found this thread Macro to change component name with component description , but it didn't worked for me.