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    Strange Flexible/Rigid Icon Behavior

    Dennis Dohogne

      In the first image you can see that when I RMB on the first assembly there is an icon showing that the assembly is set to Flexible.  If I click it the assembly will be set to Rigid.  This is the way it is supposed to work.

      Now when I RMB on either of the other two assemblies that icon in the popup is missing.  What gives?  It is not a case of that option being unavailable either, because if I go to the Properties icon in the far right corner one of the many things available is the option to solve the assembly as Rigid or Flexible.



      I am sorry, but I cannot share these files.


      I am using SWX2018 SP2.0.  I will be checking more assemblies today to see if I can figure out what is going on, but wanted to put this out for others to see and perhaps verify if you are/are not seeing the same thing.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          The Flexible icon in the menu wasn't always available (started with SW2014, maybe).  Is it possible that where it doesn't show is in old Assemblies?

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            Kelvin Lamport

            Maybe the red circle with white X in the 3rd sub-assy has something to do with the missing icon.

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              Dennis Dohogne

              I found the answer to this conundrum.  It turns out the assemblies that would not show up the Flexible/Rigid icon were imported from other CAD systems.  In my case the parts were imported from Creo.  Since most of these imported parts are used only as reference they were left as they were and were not converted to SWX parts/assemblies.  So, if one of these assemblies has even one part in it that is still referencing its parent file from the other CAD system then the Flexible/Rigid icon will not show when you RMB on the assy in the feature tree.  However, if the assembly is opened and "Break Link" is selected for each  and every component then the assy will show the Flexible/Rigid icon when it is used in another assembly.


              None of this was a serious problem, just a very strange oddity, especially since the subassemblies could still be set to flexible through their properties.  I'm reporting it here and marking it answered so that if anyone else searches the forum for this issue they will find this information.