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    ER implemented

    Alan Metcalfe

      No announcement, no notification of implemented, it just now works!

      Close SolidWorks with multiple file tabs open (saving when asked) and next time they are all there. No hunting around for files, or remembering where you were up to, just pick up where you left off.



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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Alan,


          There has been an option for this as long as I can remember. Here is a link to the SOLIDWORKS 2010 help topic where it is listed as the very first option:

          2010 SOLIDWORKS Help - General System Options

          and that same option is in the same location in Tools, Options, System Options, General in SOLIDWORKS 2018:

          2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - System Options - General


          I believe the option existed before SOLIDWORKS 2010 as well, but 2010 is when we implemented web help, so that is as far back as I can look easily.


          You can see that you submitted the ER on 5/12/2017 and it was closed 7 days later on 5/19/2017 which is probably when it was reviewed internally by someone in product definition. At that time, you should have either received a notification by the reviewer of the assigned SPR# (if it turned into an enhancement request), or in this case, to tell you that the functionality already exists. If you did not receive a notification, I don't know why. Perhaps it went to a spam folder or something?




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              Alan Metcalfe

              Interesting, not a setting I was aware of.

              I have recently had my registry settings wiped by my VAR tech support, so this may be a default setting that has changed over the time I have been a user.

              Either way it is a welcome feature I have always used in other software so it is good to have in SolidWorks.


              Thanks for the reply.