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Strange change of appearance ?????

Question asked by Dave Bear on Apr 20, 2018
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Hi all,

I've modelled a roof side clearance light for my army truck. Last night when I finished up with it I had it just how I thought I wanted it with a amber lens facing forward and a red lens facing towards the rear. This morning I thought that I would change the transparency of each lens a little so that more of the lens diffusing detail was visible. This was done no problem. Whilst I was checking a few other details on the model I suddenly realised that the rear lens was now no longer Red but now Amber just like the front one. Theoretically, (depending on country) the rear lens could indeed be Amber but I want Red. My appearances in the feature tree indicate that the rear lens still has my Red setting assigned to it but somehow it must be getting overridden somewhere or I have a glitch. To add salt to the wound, both of my back-up files for this model have been automatically saved as recent as this morning and therefore have the same issue.

Courtesy Light.JPG


Can someone tell me if there is something I might have done or if this is indeed some sort of glitch (part attached)