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Crop view not working

Question asked by Mike Hodson on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

SW2018 SP2.0


I'm having a heck of a time with trying to create crop views.   I sketch a profile (circle or rectangle), making sure that the correct view is active and attached to the sketch.


Pre Crop.JPG



Then I hit Crop View...and it asks me to sketch a profile.

Try to crop.JPG


It doesn't seem to recognize the existing profile.  If I click over to the sketch tab and make another profile, it just creates another profile and forgets that I was trying to crop.


If I do this three or four times, it does work and I can crop the view, then I have to delete the sketches that didn't crop.


I'm not sure if I'm doing it incorrectly or if it's a bug.




Thanks everyone, I seem to have it figured out.   It does seem to work most of the time, if I create the sketch then immediately go to crop view (don't click anywhere which deselects the sketch).   Getting it to work if there was a break in the workflow, requires that you select both the view and the sketch before hitting crop view.


Also, is it weird that when I crop a view, I don't have the option to undo it?  I have to find the view, RMB, crop-->remove crop.


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