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Sub-assembly properties used in parts when promoted

Question asked by Mike Childs on Apr 19, 2018
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I'm creating a configurable standard pressure vessel assembly and I need some suggestions for a sub-assembly I would like to promote in the main assembly. I'll try my best to describe what I would like to see as best as I can.


The pressure vessel can have a number of nozzle connections depending on the specific need and/or function. Each nozzle will have a tag and service description on the fabrication detail, so if a pressure vessel has 10 nozzles the tag numbers may be N1, N2, etc. and have unique service descriptions for each. Our company has standardized on tag number such that N1 is always an inlet, N2 is always an outlet, etc. I have created a sub-assembly of all the parts needed for the nozzles, added the custom properties "TAG" & "SERVICE" into the design table, and created all of the various configurations I require. The sub-assembly uses our library parts to capture the part numbers, etc. used when purchasing items so I prefer to use our library parts to avoid having to duplicate and maintain another library just for this purpose. Each nozzle will have multiple sizes and materials, so there will be a hundred or more configurations.


Here's where I am running into a dilemma. On the fabrication drawing, I need to promote each nozzle configuration so I can show all of the individual parts required for the nozzles. In the BOM table, sorting is done using the properties "TAG" & "SERVICE" so the fabricator can easily see which parts belong to the nozzles and what they are used for. By promoting the sub-assembly, I would need to add "TAG" & "SERVICE" to all of the parts used and end up adding configurations to the library parts for all the combinations. Because these parts are used by our entire design team it would end up adding complexity to parts used throughout the company. If I don't promote each nozzle configuration, I can show the "TAG" & "SERVICE" for the nozzles but I wouldn't be able to list the individual parts in the BOM.


Can anyone think of a way I can somehow "pass through" the "TAG" & "SERVICE properties into the component and also display the parts in the BOM? Any help would be appreciated.