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Faulty lines appearing in DXF but not on PDF/Drawing

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Apr 19, 2018
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I have a few faulty lines which show up in a DXF and I don't know where they origin from. I think it's a bug but I haven't forwarded it to my VAR yet.


Here's what I checked to try and find them:

They are not bend lines

They have no relation to my drawing

They do not show up even though I have everything set to show up

I have no layers set to inactive.

The lines do not show up the same on every DXF generated. Sometimes, there's one line, sometimes there's 2. They are not at the same height, don't have same lengths, etc...


View from SolidWorks PDF page

View from SolidWorks DXF page

View from DXF


View from a different part's DXF with more then one line at different height:



So, any ideas?