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    Make rest of assembly display when editing mates.

    S. Leacox

      Hello all. Still my first week of using Solid Works and this forum. Many years using CAD starting in 1990. Just came from Solid Edge.


      When editing mates within an assembly everything except the parts being mated are not displayed. How do I change that?

      I want everything to stay display'd when editing a mate dimension. Where is the switch?


      To put this in context, here is the combination of results desired at one time:

      1. The other parts in the assembly always remain visible

      2. Using the Edit Mate command where you can single click the mating dimension in field on the drawing and edit it.


      If I open the "mate" command, all part currently remain visible, but the editing of mate dimensions only happens from the menu.

      If I open the "View mates" command, all parts not involved become invisible (Not desired), but then I can edit the mated dimensions in the model vs. the menu.


      Note: Options/Display/"Assembly Transparency for in context edit" is currently set to Opaque and 50%

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          Glenn Schroeder



          I'm not sure I can help, but I'll give it a shot.  I rarely, if ever, use the "View mates" command (but I don't think there's a way to do what you want).  Instead I just expand the Mates folder under the component name in the tree.



          In most cases when I want to edit one of them I'll just right-click on it and choose the "Edit" icon, which (as you said), takes me to the Mates property manager where I can edit as needed.  However, you mentioned Distance mates.  If all I need to do is change the value of a Distance mate it's much simpler.  After expanding the mates folder I click on the Distance mate.  Since I keep Instant 3d turned on, clicking on the Mate displays the mate value in the graphics area.



          I can single-click on to get a simple text box.



          I enter the new value, and as soon as I click away the value changes and the Assembly updates to reflect the new value.

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            Rick Becker

            S, You can't do exactly what you want to.

            However, with nothing selected, you can hold down CTRL and select several parts. Right click and select Isolate.

            Once in Isolate you can right click on a single part and choose Edit Mates.

            This will keep all of your isolated parts on screen.


            I hope this helps.

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              Dan Pihlaja

              Couple of questions:

              Are you selecting the component and then selecting "view Mates"?


              Because, when you select this, then only that component and any components it is directly mated to will show up.  Might this be what you are talking about?


              I rarely use this to modify mates (although it is very useful when I do use it).


              What I generally do is find the mate that I want to edit in the tree (under the component) and select "Edit Feature".


              Did you know that you can change the display of your tree to show mates only and not features of a component?  This might be easier and faster to modify mates for you.  Try it out:


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                  S. Leacox

                  Dan, yes that "View mates" is exactly what I am talking about.


                  The way it turns everything else off when hitting "View mates" is part of the problem.


                  The underlying issues is finding the easiest way (Fewest clicks) to edit mates of parts. Say I have a basic part at the origin mated to the three base plates. Then I want to move the part from the origin by editing the mate distances. During this process, I want to see the starting and edited placement of the mates in relation to everything else in the model. So nothing can turn off during the process.


                  I just came from Solid edge, where when you select an object, it's mates are listed and editable on the screen without any edits to the way everything in the assembly looks. Back there it was easy. Select part, Select mate, Edit the value of the mate.


                  The step that bothers me is that I must open the entire mate window to edit the value.

                  The only way I have found to avoid using the entire edit mate menu is to use view mates, then I can edit the dimension on the screen, but I don't want everything else to turn off at that time.


                  Trying to find the closest procedure in Solid Works.





                  After reading through all of this thread again. Glen hit the target. By turning on mates in the tree, having instant 3D on, and clicking a distance mate, the mate can be edited on the screen. Thank you, path of least resistance found!

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                  Jordan Kisler

                  One other option, possibly closest to the "View Mates" command, is selecting the part of your choosing within the model view then selecting the PropertManager tab. This will show all mates associated with that part, then you can edit whatever mate you want with all parts still showing.