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Make rest of assembly display when editing mates.

Question asked by Scott Leacox on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Scott Leacox

Hello all. Still my first week of using Solid Works and this forum. Many years using CAD starting in 1990. Just came from Solid Edge.


When editing mates within an assembly everything except the parts being mated are not displayed. How do I change that?

I want everything to stay display'd when editing a mate dimension. Where is the switch?


To put this in context, here is the combination of results desired at one time:

1. The other parts in the assembly always remain visible

2. Using the Edit Mate command where you can single click the mating dimension in field on the drawing and edit it.


If I open the "mate" command, all part currently remain visible, but the editing of mate dimensions only happens from the menu.

If I open the "View mates" command, all parts not involved become invisible (Not desired), but then I can edit the mated dimensions in the model vs. the menu.


Note: Options/Display/"Assembly Transparency for in context edit" is currently set to Opaque and 50%