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    #TASK Export Flat Pattern 2018 - Assembly

    Kyle Ferris

      Hello all,


      I was wondering if anyone uses #TASKs 'Export Flat Patterns'. I have and it works great when I insert individual parts. However it says that it can also export flat patterns from assemblies. Does these mean that I can simply insert an assembly only an it will go through all the parts included? When I try this it doesn't work, saying that I need to install the reference extractor. I did this but any time I try to drag a file in to it, it says 'Failed to load some references. Please see log for more details' and nothing happens. So if anyone could offer any advice that would be great.


      Alternatively, I see that Simon Rafferty created a really interesting macro (attached) that achieves what I'm after, but it doesn't seem to work with 2018. Has anyone got that working? As an added bonus, do you think I could make the BOM that this macro produces also give a custom property from my parts called 'Bends'?


      Thanks a lot guys.

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          Jose Tabisi

          Hi Kyle,


          It´s been a while since you asked this but I just started using this tool a month ago. I tried running it on an assembly and got the same result you did. I also checked the plugin, but as far as I understood from the you tube video, it would require another step before runnig the "useful" script that generates the dxf´s or dwg´s.


          I guess you already figured it out on your own, but I create a subfolder called "Parts" containing all the parts and run the script/macro on that folder instead of the assembly itself. Of course if you have parts on other folders this may not be so useful or at least takes more time.


          How did it go with the macro you uploaded ? Did you get it to work ?

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              Artem Taturevych

              Hi Kyle, Jose,


              I apologise for the late replay. Just want to share that we will be releasing new #TASK 2.0 in few weeks which will have an option to extract reference tree from files. Please see attached short demo video.



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                  Jose Tabisi

                  Dear Artem,


                  Great news ! #Task is getting better everyday.  I´ve seen the videos and it is going to make our lives easier.


                  Since you are working on this subject:  one thing I have noticed regarding this particular task is that it won´t work unless SWx is closed, otherwise it freezes. A similar task (Sheet Metal Drawings) which will output to .slddrw instead of .dxf will complain about not being able to open a file in case it is open but otherwise will not freeze and complete it´s job.


                  One last thing, if I may : would it possible somehow to specify a particular configuration "on the fly", I mean, from within the task. If I need to output the .dxfs from the different parts of an assembly which contains different configurations, I must first make sure that the default configuration of each part is the one I need to output (or print all configs, which is a mess in terms of files for medium to large assemblies). Now that selecting an assembly will be possible, I assume the right parts will be selected as well, but I guess I still need to make sure the default assembly is the one I need to work on. I hope you can understand what I mean.