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Assembly Connection Points

Question asked by Allan Bowers on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Joseph Rinek

I am having difficulty adding Assembly Connection Points. I have several components which by nature of their complexity are assemblies. SWE Help says To create an assembly connection point, create the connection point in the part. Then in the assembly, select the CPoint from the part. An assembly connection point always copies the characteristics of an existing part connection point. I create a new mftr part in SWE and associate the assy. One of these assy's is a potentiometer. Regardless of their use all pots are the same in terms of their physical characteristics. I associate the relevant symbol in the schematic to the assy and as each one has its own sequential Mark when I associate the assy in 3D it gives it the appropriate name. The problem is when I run the routing it sees the part files in each assy as the same and doesn't route the wires. This doesnt happen if you have multiple instances of a Part file that has the same CPoints in its base file. My work around was to Save the Assy AS a Part but then I lose all the flexibility of having the assy. So what is the workflow to add CPoints to an assy which allows you to use the same base assy for the mftr part/assy and get the routing to work. swe2016 sp5