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DraftSight "Bugs"

Question asked by Darren Smith on Apr 19, 2018

Can anybody, at Dassault Systèmes, help in getting two "Bugs" fixed in the next release of Draftsight.


I am using: DraftSight 2018 x64 SP2


The first is "Smart Leader".

Using options you can set the text height when dimensioning. Say you have set it to 7mm high. The text height for a "Smart Leader" does not use this dimension text height and can have a text height many times larger than that setup in the dimensioning options.


The second is the ".Bak" files.


Even though, in the options, you have turned this option off, once you print a drawing, and press "Save" a bak file gets generated anyway.


Can you please fix the above bugs in the next release???


Many thanks in advance!!!!