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Custom Properties created on add to vault. How+Why?

Question asked by Jonathan Westcott on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Paul Wyndham

I've noticed a weird thing in my PDM system today where if I add a new file completely blank file (no custom properties) to the vault but don't check in, if I open the file the system has already populated some custom properties in both @ and config specific tabs. This seems to happen after the card for that file pop up during the add process. The file has not gone through any transitions yet so it can't get them from there.


Before (empty)

2018-04-18 17_25_58-SOLIDWORKS Premium 2017 x64 Edition - [Part2].png


During the add process the datacard comes up but no properties are added

2018-04-18 17_26_25-SOLIDWORKS Premium 2017 x64 Edition - [Part4.SLDPRT].png


Now if I look at the custom properties a reasonably random assortment have appeared.

2018-04-18 17_26_58-Summary Information.png


This is repeated on the config specific tab.


What I don't really get is:


When they were added by the system.

Why some have been added and others have not.

How/if this can be controlled in any way.


There are no PDM addin's running on add and Dispatch is not doing this either.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.