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Is there a way to save an assembly and all of it's components to a different directory

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Kevin Andrews

Guess I need to explain a little bit...

We operate off of a pdm server. About a year and a half ago, that server crashed and we lost everything - I have no idea why they didn't run a backup service as I wasn't here at the time of the crash. However, my co-worker had bits and pieces of the vault backed up to his computer.


We set up a new pdm server, with a backup system this time, and whenever we needed a part, or assembly, from the old vault, we would see if it was on his computer and, if it was, we would save it over to the new server. Unfortunately, a lot of our parts are assemblies that are built out of several parts.


A lot of what was in the old vault was saved under obsolete naming practices. We now operate under a part numbering system. So, our practice has been to open the old part/assembly and resave it as (save as) a new part/assembly in the new vault. Unfortunately, in the case of an assembly, it only saves the assembly and not the components that make up the assembly.


While I should know the answer to this, and I am probably just brain farting, is there a way that I can do a 'save-as' on an assembly and have it save all of the referenced parts along with it? Or will I have to keep saving each and every piece individually?