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SW2017 cannot move a feature to top of tree directly

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Apr 18, 2018
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     Many times of course I am copying surfaces to parts from within the assembly so I can reference them for building guidelines.


     When I do that I cannot directly drag them to the top of the feature manager, so I cannot directly move them to just after the origin.  I need to move them to just after the first feature then move the first feature so that it is after the copied surface.  I do this many times so it can be a pain.


     Yes I know there are workarounds like rolling back, or creating a dumb feature as the first step, but even at that I need to be rolled back becase I cannot even move a new sketch to just prior to the first feature.


     I know I could do that in past releases, so what gives on this release?  Anyone else notice it...have a fix...or can tell me what I am doing wwwwrrrrrooooonnnnngggg?