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How do I join a helix to a line using an arc, with the line being perpendicular to the helix axis?

Question asked by Tijs Robinson on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Tijs Robinson

Hi all,


Was hoping someone could help me with this problem I've been battling with for a couple of days.  I have a 3D sketch with a helix (created by converting entities).  The axis of the helix is vertical (the Y axis), the line is sitting on the top plane along the Z axis.  I have an arc connecting the two but if I make the arc tangent to both the helix and the line then the sketch is over-constrained.  If I remove the relation between the helical spline and the spline from which it was created, then I can have the arc tangent to both the line and the helix, but the helix is under-constrained.  Any ideas on how to tackle this?  I'm pretty sure that an arc that is tangent to both is logical and ought to be possible.  I've attached a picture of the sketch and the part itself.