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Driving component dimensions through assembly equations

Question asked by Mike Childs on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2018 by Bill Lacey

I am creating an assembly of a pressure vessel to be used through a spreadsheet input in the design table rather than generating configurations, there are too many options required to make configurations feasible. One problem I am coming across is when I attempt to modify dimensions in components with multiple configurations. For example, the vessel can have up to three cylindrical shell courses, each with different lengths and/or material thicknesses. I have created a property for each course length and have added them to the equation manager as shown in the screen capture below (rows 4, 7, and 9):




In the example shown the first course is 120in, the 2nd course is 12in, and the 3rd course is 24in. The equation manager is using the correct values for each part assembled plus each part is using an individual configuration in the part. However, instead of each part being set to the correct length shown in the equation manager they are all being set to the last length used in the equation manager, 24in.


Is it possible to drive the same dimension separately in each configuration? Is there something I need to change in the equation manager? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.