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Thermal Study -Heat distribution between different layers- Incompatible initial temperatures

Question asked by Krishna Muralli on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Janko Stellaard


I am running a Thermal Study in which i want to study the heat distribution from one body to another. Imagine a heating bed of 110C, over this bed i have solid body which will be divided into 3 layers. The initial temperature of each layer will be 50 C. I want to study what is the distribution of heat when there is

case 1. Heating bed and layer 1 alone

case 2. heating bed and layer 1 and layer 2

case 3. heating bed and Layer 1, 2 and Layer 3

For the second case, i want to incorporate the results from case 1 (i.e) heat distribution  between the heating bed & layer 1 onto the layer 2

For the third case , i want to incorporate the results from case 2 over the layer 3 to see the effect of heat transfer.


When i tried to use the results from case 1 into case 2, i get this error "Incompatible initial temperatures"

I have attached the study with setup, please let me know how can proceed with this simulation and what causing this error.


Thank you