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    Having issues following the documentation finding specific methods, etc.

    Gary Johnson

      In the code below I am trying to "get" a pdf so that I can open it and print it from a .Net DLL.  My current specific question is in the line .AddVariable("X",retVal(0)), where retVal(0) is the name of a file, what is the first parameter (that I have set to "X")?


      More generally, how can I find documentation to this level?  I have spent most of this afternoon trying to go through the EPDM API help.  While I can find, for example, IEdmSearch7, I cannot find anything that documents the properties and methods of that class.  Because this one implements IEdmSearch6, and that implements IEdmSearch5, I also looked at the documentation for those.  Again, no luck.


      So -- obviously hoping you can help with the first question so that I can move along with my project, but also hoping to figure out the documentation so that I don't have to keep asking questions and bugging people!







                              Dim search As IEdmSearch7 = vault.CreateSearch
                              Dim item As EPDMItemA = Nothing

                              'search = vault.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_Search)
                              With search
                                  .FindFiles = True
                                  .FindFolders = False
                                  .Recursive = True
                                  .SetToken(EdmSearchToken.Edmstok_FindItems, True)
                                  .StartFolderID = vault.ItemRootFolderID
                                  .AddVariable("X", retVal(0))
                              End With

                              Dim result As IEdmSearchResult5 = search.GetFirstResult
                              If Not result Is Nothing Then
                                  If result.IsKindOf(EdmObjectType.EdmObject_Item) Then
                                      Dim file As IEdmFile8 = result
                                      Dim edmItem As IEdmItem = file

                                      item = New EPDMItemA(edmItem)
                                  End If
                              End If