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PLM software

Question asked by Alex Stickel on Apr 16, 2018

Hello experts;


I have experience with PTC Creo and a plugin to a PLM database. with this software I could create part, assembly and other records according to ISO best practices standards and was able to upload part and assembly models to a global database. Other engineers could, from their Creo seat, run a script and download an assembly I created will all of it's constituent parts and all the links and references in the assemblies were valid. Likewise, they could manually go into the PLM databse where the CAD model were stored and access all of the supporting documentation (datasheets, manufacturing work instructions, testing protocols, etc...) for each part and assembly.


I now would like to setup all the same infrastructure and workflows at a new company using Solidworks.


We are presently evaluating Arena for our repository ( but I am underwhelmed at the functionality of their Solidworks plugin.


Is this community aware of PLM software that can integrate into Solidworks with the intimacy I need?

If you all use PDM then do you MANUALLY name parts and assemblies to match your PLM software database?


Anyone in an ISO compliant company must have a solution for this.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.