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Complete Model Mania Drawing/Solution Package with Models and Winning Times

Discussion created by Jacob Ames on Apr 16, 2018
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Hello Everyone!


I've been working on this package for a while and thought it might help some of you out there - attached, you'll find all of the drawings and solutions (in completed model form) for the SOLIDWORKS World Model Mania contest, from this year all the way back to 2000. I had to do quite a bit of compression to fit all of them into one attachment, so some of the drawings may be a bit low-quality, and a couple years have had the simulation setups removed. However, you'll also find a spreadsheet containing all the correct values for mass/simulation, the winning times to compare against, and a link to a solution video for every year.


This package is a collection of contributions I've received from a number of different sources and created myself, and I'd like to give a big shout-out to Mark Schneider for helping me find several solutions and winning times I would have never found on my own. I'm also fairly certain there will be a few errors scattered around among the models, so please feel free to post them here if you find any, and if high-res drawings are required, trying checking here.


I hope you get as much use out of these as I have - they've made a great learning and educational tool for me.


Best Regards,


Jacob Ames