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Property Tab Builder Material Lists

Question asked by Stephen Bittner on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Todd Blacksher

I want to create a PTB template that will allow the user to select a base material (Aluminum, Steel, etc...), then select a shape (sheet, angle, round bar, square bar, etc...), then finally assign an appropriate material specification (which is based on the previously selected items).


To clarify, I'm trying to speed up the process of getting the properties into the part and onto the BOM as the following "Custom Properties":


Material (not the [SW-Material] property) which might look like this in the drawing BOM: SHEET, ALUMINUM, 5052-H32, 0.090 THICK

Specification, which would be the only option available based on the above material that was selected: QQ-A-250/8, ASTM B209


Does the current PTB allow for this kind of functionality?