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Question asked by Rob Rodríguez on Apr 16, 2018
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I had a pretty simple animation project show up at the office and I thought it would be a good chance to use Visualize.  Right off the bat however I'm running into an issue and thought I'd ask here about it.


Let's say you had a thread stud welded onto a frame and you had a nut.  The nut needs to thread onto the stud.  Broken down into animation movement the nut needs to spin a certain number of times while moving along the stud.  Pretty simple right.  That's what I thought but I'm having difficulty making it work in Visualize.


I can key frame two XYZ (in this case just along one axis) positions to make the nut move along the rod.

I can right click the nut an add a rotation animation to make the nut rotate a certain number of times.

When I do these things Visualize will not show both movements together.  I can turn one off and it will spin or I can turn one off and it will move but if they are both on I only get one, movement or spinning.  So, that technique failed


I decided I'd just key frame the position and rotation on the key frames.  Turns out if you want to key frame anything more than 180 degrees of rotation you are in for an exercise in patience and frustration.  I can get it to work sort of but its not precise, not reliable and a lot of trial and error.  So, that technique failed


Does anybody have any experience in making this type of animation work In Visualize?


I mean this is very basic movement.  I have to believe not being able to achieve it Visualize is me and not the software but I could be wrong?