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Hi all! Recent SW user and new here. 12 years Inventor experience, six months since switching over with no training, except tutorial work and Google. Sorry if this is a newb question.

Question asked by Mike Thompson on Apr 16, 2018
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I have a part that will change length. I need to locate a form tool feature (punched feature) a fixed distance from one end, and then patterned 1" apart, only as they will fit fully as the part length grows. I cannot have half a punched feature hanging off the part end, so if I start 2" from the beginning, as the part adds length, I can add a feature to my pattern for each inch the part grows, but if it only grows a half an inch, I cannot yet add another punch.


I hope this is clear enough and that someone can help me. I'm pretty sure this will get into equations. Seeking help with how to set them up.


Thanks in advance!