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problem with get spline params

Question asked by Moon Wang on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Moon Wang

Hello,everyone.I am now having some poblem with the Api function GetBCurveParams,I want to extract the  params of a spline after I have sktched in Solidworks before.Because the skecth is drawed by myself,so I know the coordinates of the spline's control points.However,I have test the api GetBCurveParams(false/true),GetBCurveParams3(true,false/true,false/true),GetBCurveParams4(true,false,false,false)to get the control points and knot vector in cubic curve ,none of them can accurately does well.For  eample,I drew the spline with 9 control points ,by SplineArray4 = swCurve.GetBCurveParams4(true, false, true, false);I get the array which gives back me 6 control points ,or the knot vector only consists of 0 and 1.I am really puzzled.Can someone give me some hints,thank you