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linked custom properties only displaying 2 dec places in drawing ?

Question asked by John Towns on Apr 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Jim Steinmeyer

We have a need to display feature X Y coordinates on a drawing. Ordinate dimensions will simply not do. The machinists find the over-crowded ordinates difficult in a case such as this and I agree, and it only is asking for trouble. The bottom row holes on the workpiece have very slightly different Y coordinates; as do the top row. Thus Y ordinates are very confusing and crowded if ordinate dimensioning is used.

Not to mention this is a learning experience since I have never needed to place XY coordinates on a drawing, that I can recall.

So what I want to do is display the feature X Y coordinates on the drawing in the form of a note pointing at each.  Nothing too complicated, rather simple part.

So in the model I went to File -> Properties -> Custom and added each desired dimension.

custom properties.jpg

Then in the Drawing I linked each dimension in a note pointing to each appropriate feature

Drawing Showing Coord.jpg


However it displays only TWO decimal places !!! I can't imagine why SolidWorks wants to truncate that text field that holds the coordinate values !?

What am I missing ??

Thanks so much for your time. (I hope you will be able to make out what I'm doing - the pictures are rather small!)



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