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Future SolidWorks Add ins / companion software

Question asked by Bryan Lagrange on Apr 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Andrew Schutte

I wanted to start this thread to get some ideas going about future Add ins/ companion software we the SolidWorks community would like to see SolidWorks add.

Here are 2 from me:

SolidWorks Production:

Software for production planning, job tracking, and machine monitoring. Not PDM but a software for those of us who produce parts in a job shop setting. Have the ability to connect with SolidWorks to add models and drawings to view, mark up, and use for inspection. Link BOM created in SolidWorks for purchasing and inventory purposes. Tie together all aspects to the manufacturing process. I could also linking SolidWorks inspection, SolidWorks CAM, and SolidWorks e-drawings to this.

Something similar to Fusion Production: Fusion Production | Software For Smart Manufacturing | Autodesk

SolidWorks Mobile:

Mobile version of SolidWorks to do basic modeling and sketching on a smart phone. Practically everyone has a smart phone and when visiting customers I know I am constantly capturing notes and images on my smart phone. It would be nice to start the design process here. I don't think we need full blown SolidWorks  but basic extrusion, cut, sketch, etc. functionality to create a .sldprt  that we could then be uploaded to full version SolidWorks once we return to the office to finalize the design.

What would you like to see?