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Problem with surfacing

Question asked by Francisco Guerra on Apr 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Bruce Cain

Hello friends:


I'm trying to do something similar like the attached PH file (this came from a .stl file, not editable) for a university project. I don't have much expertise in SolidWork and  don't know if I'm in the right way, but started with 2 surfaces to then use the knit surface with the option of create a solid and merge the entities, but solidworks gave me an error saying the a solid can't be created. Please check my file MO1.


Any recomendations?

Maybe I should start with a 3D Sketch or other way unknown to me?

Somebody can help me with some intructions to do what I want using surfaces.


Thank you all¡¡¡