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re:  Activation...beyond frustrated!

Question asked by Mike Kalavitz on Apr 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Bjorn Hulman

OK, have been paying for updates for the past 10 years.


Being a small business owner/engineer, I have always had the need to utilize Solidworks at my office at the day and many times at home at night in order to complete projects.  I always was able to have both locations active as I am the only one using the software.  I can't use it in both location as I am one person and can only be physically one place at a time.


I know that as of last year, solidworks will not allow both locations to each have an active copy on my computer.  So, I have been 'deactivating' at my office before I leave and activating at home later that night.


So, tonight I need to get some work done.  I OWN SOLIDWORKS!  I am not able to activate it at home.  So, I thought maybe I forgot to deactivate at my office.  I drove down there and guess what....It is not activated.  So, I came back home to check again.  It will not reactivate.  And, it shows no active licenses.  I have restarted my computer a number of times now.  What a complete pain in the A**!  For an awesome piece of software, what a crappy activation method and policy.  Deeply disappointed and looking at online options.


Great software when I can use it