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uninstall solidworks without installation manager

Question asked by Matt Parmenteri on Apr 15, 2018



I'm a student at Penn State University and have SolidWorks installed on my personal computer through the university. It's a 2016 installation and I have no need for it as my studies are coming to an end. Recently, I've been getting a popup upon booting up the computer that asks me to update to the latest version. Because I don't need the software anymore I attempted to uninstall the software. When I performed the uninstall process, I the process seemed to fail on uninstalling the software, but managed to uninstall the manager.


My problem now is that Solidworks doesn't show up in my list of programs, so I can't get back to the "uninstall solidworks" prompt. Is there a way around this? Can I install the uninstaller elsewhere?


I may have the wrong idea about what's going on, so any input is welcome. If I can't uninstall it, removing the pop up would be fine too.


I did attempt updating to a more recent install but that fails to complete as well.


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