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    Help with semi belt modeling

    Lorenzo Lorenzo

      Hi all, I need support to model a "semi belt" as described here follow:

      I should model an assemply composed in this way: a fixed pulley (Pulley A) which houses a belt. This Pulley A is fixed (no rotation) and it should only lock a side the belt. The belt is in nylon and it runs on a semicylinder made of rubber. On the other side, the belt is pulled by a motor with a Pulley B.

      I have to model this assembly because then I should study how the belt (which is pulled only from one side) act on the semicilynder in terms of force/pressure by changing the belt traction force.

      So, I tried to model the Pulley A, Pulley B and the rubber semi cylinder; then with the Belt tool I obtained a full belt. But this is not what I need. I need a Semi belt!

      Also, how to manage the junction between belt - Pulley A and belt - Pulley B?

      Can you please give me some advices?

      Many thanks to all of you.