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Force rebuild after plane moves

Question asked by Scott Leacox on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Scott Leacox

Hello all, I am new to the forum. So I will both ask a questions and introduce myself.


I have been using Solid Edge for the past four years and was forced to switch to Solid works by a parent company. I have been doing CAD since 1990. I am a steel designer. For the current company it's all sheet metal 12 gauge and 10 gauge carbon is most of it. My company makes seal welded rectangular oil tanks.


The questions:

1. We have two seats of SW. One rebuilds when a plane is moved, the other does not. Where is that switch?

I want the file to rebuild when a plane moves.


2. Is there any way to automate editing the gauge/material of may pieces of sheet metal at once? Say I have a box of 6 pieces of sheet metal welded together. I want to hit a single switch and change all of the sheets from 12 gauge carbon steel to 1/8" aluminum. Is there any way to get that done? I am using gauge tables.