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Fitting multiple axis to a translated model where the translated holes have multiple faces

Question asked by David Whittaker on Apr 13, 2018
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Hoping someone has some brain wave which will help me.

I have multiple models which have come from a customer which when translated the holes come in with multiple faces which normally would be cylinders which I could easily put an axis on them by using the reference geometry axis command. I need to use the supplied  models to extract geometry to get the cylinders or axis so I can transfer the holes into another part which can then be machined.

The only way I can think of is to put 3 points on the edge top and bottom, then putting a 3 point circle and a line between the 2 circles. The trouble is there are hundreds of holes and this would take forever and this is old data which there is no chance of replacing with more up to date data. Its all I've got.

An example of one of the models is attached and a screen dump of one of the holes showing the multiple faces



Yours hopefully