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Button disappears from toolbar on restart / logoff

Question asked by Dan Clubley on Apr 13, 2018

Hello there,


This is my first post! I have spent a lot of time on this forum, mainly learning about macros. It is a great resource and pretty much every question I have had has already been answered, except this one

I have created a macro for use at my work (we are on Solidworks 2015), we already have a toolbar with all our other macros on and when I have tried to add the new macro, the button disappears whenever I log off or restart the computer (but it stays there if I just close and re-open Solidworks).

IT have tried to fix it as administrator but they are not overly familiar with Solidworks and anyone who has previously added a macro to the toolbar is no longer with the company.


The process I follow to add the button to the toolbar is:

  1. Tools > Customize > Shortcut Bars
  2. Change the drop down menu to Macro
  3. Drag and drop the new macro button onto the toolbar
  4. Fill in the Customize Macro Button prompt


Am I doing something wrong or has anyone experienced this before?


Thanks for the time and help!