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Smooth Curvy Corners in Surfacing....... HOW ?????

Question asked by Dave Bear on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Riddle me this Batman!


Several times over the duration of modelling my truck I've experienced a situation whereby I need to create a smooth transition between a very curved surface that has boundaries with rounded corners. I always end up with a little 'pinch' (my term) in the corner. Essentially, it's a flattened area that doesn't really conform to natural roundness. In this example, I've tried adding additional horizontal projected curves, additional projected vertical curves, but still I end up with some form of the same problem.


The above image utilizes just one central projected curve


This one has the addition of a vertical projected curve.


It also doesn't help applying 'Tangency to Face' to the boundaries either.


Surely there is a simple process to achieving this that I am missing. Any constructive advice greatly appreciated.