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    Draftsight to Solidworks Text

    Chris Filippini


      When importing a Draftsight .dwg into a solidworks drawing the text shifts and tabs are represented by square boxes.  I have tried multiple fonts, copying from a Word doc, etc.  Does anyone know of a way to fix this? On an unrelated note is is possible to make an assembly opaque when mating (similar to when editing a part in an assembly)?




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          Kevin Chandler



          In DraftSight, select the note and see what its textstyle it is assigned:

          Then look up which font is assigned to the textstyle:

          Open Document Properties for the SW doc your notes resides.

          Go to annotations>Text and set the font type.

          A SW tip: change the font size too, even if it doesn't need it. Reason being is SW doesn't always pick up on the font change by itself, but when combined with a size change, SW does recognize and change both type and size.

          Exit the properties dialog and reopen to reset the size if it's not the right height.


          Also, this change will only affect entities that still have "use document font" checked.


          Part II:

          Transparency during mating is in SW2017, but your SW version isn't listed in your profile, so what your version is may matter.