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Very simple part: unable to flatten?

Question asked by Neil Gabie on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Neil Gabie

Hello Everyone,


I have a very simple sheet metal part that I've been unable to flatten. I've searched the forum and tried many of the suggested fixes for other users experiencing a similar scenario: "The bend allowance of this bend may be too small". I could have re-modeled this simple part in less time than I've spent looking for a solution, but I'm seizing the opportunity as a learning experience.


To no avail, I have tried:


- Ensuring all sketches are fully defined

- Increasing the bend radius (up to .250"), although I know a .040" bend radius should be sufficient

- Suppressing and unsuppressing the bends within the Edge-Flange1 feature

- Suppressing the fillet and Cut-Extrude1 features

- Adjusting various sketch entities to force a solution


I'm running SW2018 Professional.


Thanks in advance for any tips! I'm always keen to learn!