Steve Holland

Top 20 Most Accessed KB Solutions in 1st Quarter 2018

Discussion created by Steve Holland Employee on Apr 12, 2018

Hi Everyone! Here is the list of most accessed KB solutions for the first quarter of this year.To view a KB solution, click on the Solution ID.



RankSolution IDQuestion
1S-048683Why does the SOLIDWORKS® Resource Monitor display "system resources are running low" on Windows 7 64-bit?
2S-073387Why does the SOLIDWORKS® 2017 SP4 software stop responding when I close files?
3S-071158What does a SOLIDWORKS® installation fail with the error ‘register_i386_SldShellExtServerExe’?
4S-069274Is there a tool for SOLIDWORKS® PDM that can help verify connectivity between a client and server or between replicated servers to ensure the server and service ports are accessible?
5S-048684Why does a "system resources are running low" warning dispaly on Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 64-bit if not all of the Physical and Virtual Memory is used?
6S-017133How can a user troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM API add-in DLLs that fails to distribute or fails to load with error 'Failed to register the COM DLL' on client systems?
7S-074167Why does my computer with an Intel® processor perform slower after installing a Windows® Update?
8S-061562How do I repair or uninstall and reinstall Microsoft® .NET Framework components?
9S-07981When installing SOLIDWORKS® Workgroup PDM server, why do I get error 1303?
10S-051631How can a clean uninstall and reinstall of SolidWorks be performed?  Is there a cleanup utility that can be used to do this?
11S-073373In the ‘License Usage’ tab of the SOLIDWORKS® 2018 SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager, why do I see the error ‘Could not get information from this server’ after the license is activated successfully?
12S-033302When I run SOLIDWORKS®, I get the error: ‘Failed to initialize Visual Basic for Apps, equations and macros will not work….’ followed by the error ‘Environment variable 'temp' must be set to a temp directory’. What does this mean?
13S-054855What can cause "Failed to initialize Visual Basic for Apps, equations and macros will not work. Are you low on disc space?" upon start-up of SOLIDWORKS®?
14S-072608What can cause the SOLIDWORKS® 2017 software to take a long time to start as compared to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 version?
15S-017826How can you restore a copy of a SOLIDWORKS® PDM file vault to a separate system from a SQL database backup (.bak) in order to test upgrades or troubleshoot vault specific problems?
16S-020198What does the message "No database connected to this view" mean when browsing into a SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM file vault view?
17S-034751What could cause the error 'Archive server could not open windows registry' when creating a local view or attaching to an archive server from a SOLIDWORKS® PDM client?
18S-072597In the SOLIDWORKS® software, when I perform various actions such as edit features, change view orientations, edit parts-in-context, or use the View Selector, why does the display or graphics area flicker or flash?
19S-018842[...]\cosworks.dll cannot be loaded. Either the Add-in or one of its components is missing. (Version 2011 and up)
20S-072437When I use the SOLIDWORKS® 2017 software on a workstation that has a slow network connection to the SolidNetWork License (SNL) server, what causes the error ‘Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS’?