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simple question about license pdm standard

Question asked by Antoni Frauca on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Antoni Frauca

Hi all


im very, very new in solid administration, and i just installing a PDM server standard for testing purposes.


i install ther server with the installer of solid 2017, choosing server install --> pdm standard, selecting archive, database and client.

the install was fine, as far as i know.


inside the pdm administration tool, in the wizard to create a new vault, the installer asks for a license server. When i put the license server 25734@machine_name, the messagge is(translated from spanish) "there is no kind of coincidence license in the selected server", so i cant go further.


The pdm is 2017

license manager 26.0.1


so, i understand that the solidwork pro licenses includes the pdm standard, so, i dont have to add anything on the license server....isn't?